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I’m aware that I’m by no means the oldest or most experienced student in this class. So many of you guys have done stuff that is really great and beyond what I do. This is, however, likely my final year as a student (unless something drastic changes) and thus this is the final graded assignment I’ll be doing so I just wanted to close off 12 years of higher ed (I can’t believe it’s really been this long) with a thought I had.

There are a lot of systems in higher education, different grades, methods of assessment, teaching styles and ideas about how to develop a curriculum. There are too, about seven and a half billion different types of learners, each with their own thoughts on education, ideals, beliefs and way of approaching learning. It’s important to understand that not every style is appropriate for every situation. Sometimes an old-fashioned lecture may work, with the right population of students and the right materials, and sometimes it doesn’t work nearly as well as we think it does. So too, for the more novel techniques like flipped classrooms or digital blogging, might there be a time and place where it won’t reach learners as well as you hoped. A defining characteristic seems to be, though, that the best educators have a deep and enduring passion that they’re able to communicate with their students. They’re willing to do what it takes, try new things or simply put that extra time in to show that they care and they’re there for a reason.


It’s been those types of teachers who really inspired me to get into the field I’m in and do what I can. And I think that by going through these classes like PFP, the people in this group have already shown themselves to be a cut above the ordinary educator. You’re in this for a reason and with luck that will translate to being better educators in the future.


Thanks so much for anyone who endured my ramblings over the past semester and best of luck to everyone in the coming times. I’m out though!

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  1. Kathryn Culbertson

    Well said, Allan! And CONGRATULATIONS!! You have achieved what likely seemed impossible at times.
    Thank you for sharing your insights. I hope our paths cross again.

    K. Culbertson

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