what is not given is lost

I would like to share my though about what I have found in text book of finite element method. Really, I like this statement: what is not given is lost. In my opinion, this statement is related to the theme of Faculty Duties. Before demonstrating what the relation is, I would like to give my thoughts what faculty duties are. I can say there are three main categories of faculty duties as follows: Teaching, Research, and Serve. I will try to explain how those duties related to the former statement as follows:

Teaching: If faculty members don’t teach what they have learned, all acquired knowledge that they have learned is lost. As a result, teaching is one of the main duties of faculty members to learn others what they know, and is accomplished successfully by well preparing before class, grading, being update, coming early before students, and leaving after students… etc.

Research: If faculty members are not able to do research successfully, they will not be able to get acquire funding for research; as a result, they cannot apply what they have learned, or accept students for educating them. So that what they have learned is lost.

Serve: If faculty members don’t serve their communities, they will not know what is going on outside their classes or labs. Also, they cannot make an interaction with the environment so that they cannot help other by their experience. So that their experience that they gained is lost.