the University of Libya

I am looking for knowing the first university in Libya.  I found that the first university in Libya was the University of Libya which was established in Benghazi in 1955. The first college was the college of Arts which constituted the center of all Libyan Universities. In 1957, the Tripoli branch was opened.  In 1970, after military movement, the University of Libya was divided into two separate universities: the University of Tripoli, later called El-Fateh University that is located in Tripoli, and the University of Benghazi, called Garyounis University that is located in Benghazi. After February 17th, 2011 (Libyan Revolution), Garyounis University is named University of Benghazi, and El-Fateh University is named the University of Tripoli.

Between 1962 and 1967, colleges of Economics & Commerce, Law, Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, and Education were successively opened in the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli. Because of increasing the number of students at university level, government established some universities in different parts of Libya. Nowadays, there exist 12 universities with a total of 90 colleges based on the website of Higher Education Minister.