Teaching with Integrity

I read some topics in the book of teaching with Integrity, and I would like to share these advantages of teaching with Integrity with you. These advantages are as follows:


  1. Respectfulness: in teaching students and in relation with colleagues.
  2. Sensitivity: toward students seeking tutorial support, conducting peer review activates.
  3. Pride: in adequate preparation to teach.
  4. Courage: to innovate in teaching practice; confront challenging situations with students and colleagues.
  5. Fairness: particularly in relation to assessment issues; investigation of complaints about colleagues.
  6. Openness: in relation to self, peer and student evaluation of practice.
  7. Restraint: in conveying the teacher’s ideological and / or theoretical position; checking emotional reactions.
  8. Collegiality: in managing courses and invoking consultative processes with students and colleagues.