My Switzerland Home

Today was my first full day in Riva San Vitale and not only is the weather beautiful, but so is the town! After getting to know the people in my program, we explored by walking through small alleyways and looking at original infrastructure that has been standing for centuries. One in particular is Villa Maderni, which will be my home for the next month. Besides a few new doors and modern equipment inside, the building has most of the original structure standing and beautiful painted ceilings from the 1700’s.

A view of the buildings between the lake and the mountains

One interesting fact about the town, which became evident during the early morning, was the church bell that rings multiple times every hour. I guess I will always know the time of day now! Along with the beautiful infrastructure of the town, there are luscious green mountains surrounding us and a lake right in the middle, which is used for various water activities. I can hardly believe I will be living in this town for the next month and look forward to seeing other cities in Europe!

Church bells located beside Villa Maderni


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