Week 4: Getting in the Groove

Nearly a month into the semester, I feel that both students and teachers are just now getting into a comfortable routine with courses and schedules. This moment (flexible among individuals) is important to note because it is when we expect all the bells and whistles of the course to be behind, leaving only the substantial parts ahead.

It is usually in this moment that I would come up with an action plan for the semester, usually in the form of a large calendar with dates from my multiple courses side by side. This way I could analyze the busy and slow weeks of the semester.

As I head into the second unit of my course, I’ll ask students to understand that it is now time to do work. The sun is getting lower in the sky, taking with it the warm summer weather and soon it will be cold in Blacksburg. For us students and teachers it is time to snuggle up close to the space heater with a laptop, some printed out pdfs and a cup of coffee. Does life get much better?

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