This past week I fulfilled my TA duties by running the scantrons for a large introductory course exam.

I thought this would be no big deal. In past years, I had just dropped off the exam at Innovation Space and received it back through intercampus mail. Unfortunately, this was not my experience.

Most of my Friday was spent preparing the exams, running the scantrons, and subsequently downloading various software programs to analyze and then print the data. This is grunt work, and worse, I was struggling alongside a VT professor who could be spending his time better serving the university.

Blogs, which I’ve heard can be cathartic, are I know not in existence purely for the purposes of ranting. However, I believe that something should be said about budgetary effects that harm rather than enhance the lives and work of faculty members. Luckily the professor I serve as a TA was spared this experience, but I know many others may not be so fortunate.

This seems to be another cut to services, while student fees keep on rising…

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