My generation? The class of 2017

In our first class, we heard some of the measurable data of students who were entering college in 2012. Granted, these sophomores and their 2013 freshmen class successors are not the majority of the VT student population, but even so I don’t believe that I have as much of a connection with their unmeasured needs and interests as my age would suggest.

I graduated with my B.A. in Communication-Media from N.C. State nearly 1 and 1/2 years ago, and understand the taxing mental and emotional challenge of being an undergrad in modern higher ed, but never felt super connected to the “millenial” college population. I purposely put this term in quotations, because I’m not sure if it accurately represents the group like other terms (Baby boomer, gen x).

Furthermore, I have witnessed much older teachers at times make better connections with these young students than I could ever hope for.

What do they want? I was great at “studenting” or managing courses to achieve the best grade irregardless of knowledge learned as an undergrad, and try to accommodate those with similar goals while throwing an appropriate curve ball every now and then. But is that enough? How can I be more engaged? How can I tie in current and practical concerns to theoretical lectures?

How do I connect with what is supposedly my generation!?

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