Digital Student Responsibility

This week I’ve been considering a change for the next semester of my teaching experience.

My course design requires students to keep track of dates when online assignments are due. Although I give them all the information in class before sending them off to do online work, some have suggested that reminders would help so that they didn’t miss any more assignments.
In our age of embracing the digital world, how much responsibility falls to the students? Maybe I need to strike a better balance.
I don’t want students to fall through the cracks in my course design and get bad grades for that instead of actually not being proficient in the course material. When I’m unable to let a student make up an assignment that they forgot about, it really stinks, but I have to be fair to others.
Fellow graduate students– please advise.

1 thought on “Digital Student Responsibility

  1. I think it is a students responsibility to keep up with their own work. Think back to when there wasn’t a course management system. You attended class, listened to a lecture, and if you were assigned homework you noted that and did your homework. If you missed class it was your responsibility to figure out what you missed. Course management systems only make the students life easier and is additionally helpful to the teacher. It is nice to get a friendly reminder about an upcoming project but when it comes down to it, the student is responsible for keeping up, this isn’t high school anymore!

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