Virginia AFP Task Force: New Food Systems Council

This post is contributed by the Appalachian Virginia Food System Council

Hello Virginia AFP Stakeholders!

The VA-AFP task force is proud to announce that the direction our work has taken over the last 3 months is the formation of a regional food system council.  The VA-AFP task force members elected in June have become the founding council members, and we are seeking to add more members soon.

What’s in a name?  Sure it’s a mouthful, but we chose a name that reflected the scope of our region and the work on the whole food system from production to consumption (and all the steps in between).  The term food system council also offers the possibility of linking strategically with the Virginia Food System Council to amplify our regional voice to the state level and connect with other regions in the commonwealth under a common moniker.

What’s next?  A gathering of anyone and everyone that should be part of the Appalachian Virginia Food System Council!  Save the date Thursday October 24th from 10-3pm for our first get together.  We plan for this to be an inspirational networking event where different stakeholders can get to know one another and brainstorm how a grassroots regional food system council can benefit their work in community food security. This is only the beginning of an ongoing effort to stay connected and achieve a collective impact on food security in Appalachian Virginia.  And, it will be a potluck to celebrate the excellent work being done to support small farmers and feed hungry people!

Stay tuned for a more detailed invitation later this month as well as the release of the Appalachian Virginia Food System Council (AVFSC) Charter.

 We look forward to working with you,

The Appalachian Virginia Food System Council