Library Adventure

So my first picture is a book most related to my discipline. So being a CMDA major I found the computer science section of the library.

These are books about Neural Networks, a method used in machine learning to model data. The modeling of big data and understanding of it is a big part of my major so these were fitting.

The next step in my adventure was a book with a blue cover on a different floor.

I found this book on the reshelf cart on the second floor. It seems like its been worn out a bit and is quite old. I’m not entirely sure which section it was from either.

My last step in the Journey was finding something that’s not a book, in this case I found a large globe:

This was a rather large globe. From my look, it seemed quite aged. Something interesting I noticed about is how most of western Virginia was actually faded out so much so that you could see into the inside of it. Also I was able to tell it was quite aged as Russia was still the Soviet Union. I think it was quite interesting to look at honestly.