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Why Adulting at VT?

We’ve heard it at least once before: “Adulting is hard.” “I can’t adult today.” “How do I adult?” The word ‘adult’ has expanded from its original origin of being a noun to a verb. It’s even in the Webster Dictionary! 

It’s no secret that as we get older we are faced with more responsibilities and higher expectations. Emerging adulthood can be intimidating and you might feel unprepared to take on the world as an adult. And that’s okay! It’s overwhelming to tackle everything at once, so we took the liberty in categorizing a variety of adulting tasks and experiences you might encounter while in college and after graduation. 

We are not experts so we asked for help from specialists around campus. From budgeting to meal prepping to writing a cover letter, this blog is your one stop shop for how to adult at Virginia Tech.

Here are some categories that will be coming soon to this blog: 

Living on Your Own


Work and Career





Mental Health and Maturation Emerging from the Pandemic

Cooper: With brain development not finished until age 25 in most people, do you think we might see a permanent effect of the pandemic, with a year long restrictions, on the generations of children and adults who aren’t having the traditional maturing experience? Justin:  I see a balance of factors — it’s important to point […]


How To Find Resiliency in the Twilight of the Pandemic

An essay from Mary Gaskill of Cook Counseling Center:   We have heard this past year referred to as “an unprecedented time,” or “a most challenging time,” and it certainly has created an extraordinary crisis and opportunity in our lives. While this global pandemic has rocked the foundation of our younger generations, the world has […]

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Transitioning to College: What About the Parents?

Words of wisdom from the admins of a 20,000-person parents-only Facebook group Going to college is the start of a big chapter in a student’s life. The transition can be intimidating, confusing, overwhelming, and stressful for first-year students. The usual emphasis on college transition is heavily student-centered, and we often forget this transition is challenging […]

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A Conversation about Diversity & Inclusion

An Interview with Anthony Scott of Student Affairs Acceptance and inclusion of individuals from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds is a growing priority in many industries, and higher education is no exception. As students or professionals at a university filled with diverse classmates and coworkers, part of our responsibility is to create an environment together […]

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How Are Hokies Making New Friends?

Leaving home to attend classes at Virginia Tech is a huge step to take for many students, and can be disorienting, especially without the network of friends and supporters we may have had back home. This is a feeling we may experience many times in our lives, especially when starting a new path, like school, […]


Does Schooling at Home Affect Career Identity?

During the transition to adulthood, some of the most important changes that happen in our lives are related to starting a career. Choosing a major, adapting to college life, finding a first job… Those are just a few of the many challenges one has to face in the long and complex path of becoming an […]