I am trying to choose my topic for my GPP study and I stuck between 2 equally interesting topics of study.

  1. The first topic is the focus (if any) on inter-disciplinarity in European universities and academic research institutions. What roles do the universities and/or governments play in encouraging (or discouraging) interdisciplinary studies and why or why not?
  2. The second topic is looking at marginalized groups and diversity and inclusion. Looking specifically at 2nd generation children of post-colonial African and middle-eastern, as well as post-soviet eastern-bloc European immigrants. Are there institutional mechanisms in place to ensure the underrepresented groups are given opportunities like they are here?

For me the first topic is very relevant to my field of study and to my work. As someone who may end up working as an academic in Europe, understanding how amenable the European academy is, and how it differs from our system may be advantageous. I will also be more well versed in the terminology and context. Lastly, Julio and I appear to be the only ones interested in this topic, so there aren’t others who are working on it that would be able to report to me in case I don’t pursue it but am still curious to know.

However, the 2nd topic has always been on my mind and this is a unique opportunity for me to pursue this subject. I have always heard about discrimination, subjugation and marginalization of historically disenfranchised people in Europe through the news, in movies, and first-hand from family members who had lived there. This would help to clarify how this translates into the higher education and whether or not it is more class/education based or if it has a lot to do with race, religion, and country of origin. The motivation is similar however to the first topic in that it would contribute significantly to my decision of whether I would like to live and work in the European academic realm.

But how do I choose???

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