Who am I?

I am a collection of experiences. I am a collection of friends and acquaintances. I am a collection of personality traits. I am a collection of passions. I am a collection lessons taught to me by my family and by my teachers.

I am an amalgamation of all of these, solidified over time.

When I sit down to write out my bio, a brief description of who I am, I feel that some aspect of who I am is lost. I try my best to capture my humor and my seriousness. I try to capture my devotion to mentorship and my research. I try to convey my passion for teaching and for learning. I try to present my personality in less than 500 words.

Alas, I feel that I it is lacking.

This is what I ended up with, thanks to Rachel Corell for her input:

Khaled Adjerid is a PhD student in Virginia Tech’s Engineering Mechanics graduate program. A home-grown Hokie, Khaled graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. Khaled, as part the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Team (AAVT), received the Best Poster award during ME’s 2009 senior design team poster session, beating over 30 teams with the poster they presented. His passion for research and life-long learning led him to continue his education at Virginia Tech’s Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety (CVeSS), where he conducted a study and successfully defended a Master’s thesis entitled “A Study on the dynamic testing of a Magneto-Rheological Metal-Elastic Mount in Squeeze-Mode vibrations.” His thesis focused on the use of active engine mounts to reduce fatigue for commercial truck drivers. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in the Biomedical Engineering And Mechanics department at Virginia Tech, studying bio-inspired design. His research interests are in safety technologies and medical advancements that can be made on the micro- and nano-scales by learning from and applying designs in nature.

Outside of the office, Khaled enjoys traveling and staying fit by exercising and eating healthy. Traveling and meeting new people in much of the US and some parts of the world has opened his eyes to new experiences, different cultures and fresh perspectives. Being able to photograph his experiences is an added bonus. In addition to exercising his brain, Khaled likes to keep healthy and active by playing football, basketball, soccer, and other sports with his friends. He is also active in his local community, showing the more moderate side to American Muslims.





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