Inve(st)nting the Future

Invent the future?

What does that mean to you? To me, it means real investment, not just money, but time, energy, personnel, and infrastructure as well

The Virginia Tech of the future is an interdisciplinary university with a set of departments and colleges dedicated to people who are in the classical silos and an equal amount of dedicated resources and personnel for interfaces between departments to facilitate collaboration and help generate new ideas and solve old problems in new ways. IGEPs and IGERTs will need to be present to help students who want to conduct research in interdisciplinary fields.

The Virginia Tech of the future recognizes that in order for us to compete on a global level with students, our students will need to start conducting research as early as Freshman year. The infrastructure will need be strengthened and the students will need to be given more leeway in their programs to pursue research.

Lastly, Virginia Tech will need to recognize that until we utilize and welcome all ideas, mindsets, and point of views, we will never be as strong as we can be. The university is still predominantly white, upper middle class, and in certain programs, mostly male. This is partially due to other factors but can also be remedied through selective facilitation through scholarships, support programs, infrastructure changes etc.

Although we are on the right path, in order for a university to be competitive, in order to truly invent the future, you must first invest in the future.

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