Flash back to freshman year in college, I was doing a take home online quiz on my laptop 10 minutes before a class…with 3 of my friends.

We were cheating.

“what did you get for number 3? I got C for number 5, is that what you got? ok hurry up and submit, we gotta go”



The kicker? It was an engineering ethics quiz…


“I, did not, have ethical relations, with that quiz…”

The irony only hit us later during the class when the teacher asked us outright how many of us had cheated before on an online or take home exam or quiz, the three of us looked at each other with disgust and dismay. It was so normal in high school to share homework or answers for an exam, the rule was if you don’t get caught, you’re not cheating. We promised to never cheat again. I never broke that promise again, those guys did. We no longer remained friends. Both of those guys got caught several times over and had honor court hearings, one disappeared from the university, the other (according to linkedin) is a practicing structural engineer, I hope not on any structures that I have to be on.



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