“Unruly Paradox”

Many words are used to describe the changing context for higher education in the 21st century – ‘change’ being one but more recently ‘disruption’, ‘innovation’, ‘global’ and ‘learning revolution’ are code for what is or should be happening in higher … Continue reading

A statement on faculty philosophy.

Being faculty represents occupying a critical role in society: one who conducts and disseminates meaningful research, who instructs and mentors junior academics, and who serves as a societal resource of knowledge. The position of university professor should be attained not … Continue reading

An ethical duty to teach?

I was recently involved in an interesting discussion with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program in Regenerative Medicine regarding ethical challenges in stem cell biology, particularly relating to patient approval for using surgical waste in research. Specifically, it is now possible … Continue reading

Welcome to my Virginia Tech blog.

This is a test post for my new blog. It will be used primarily for participation in discussions surrounding graduate education and interdisciplinary research for the Future Professoriate Certificate Program and the IGEP in Regenerative Medicine. Thanks…