Monthly Archives: November 2014

My journey as a self-directed learner

At age 6 I learned to read. I read about dinosaurs from a set of children’s science and nature books. A small story about T-Rex was the first one I read all by myself. After that a steady flow of childhood interests varying from dinosaurs and astronomy to Egyptology ended up on my dedicated notebooks […]

Time for Co-Learning

It’s week thirteen of the semester and I no longer pretend I’m going to catch up. Read, make, watch and blog half of what I want to for Connected Courses? Revise and submit the Belyaev fox paper? Pick up the threads of chapter four of Space Dogs? Nope. Not going to happen. Because when you […]

Gender equality in science

Science is evaluated by it’s quality. At least that is the ideal. In reality, there are a lot of biases and inequalities in play. While exploring the topic in Connected Courses I stumbled upon a recent report on women in academic science. This report by Stephen Ceci and Wendy Williams highlights the early educational experiences […]

Diversity Courses

This week the Diversity in a Global Perspective course I am in at Virginia Tech and the Connected Course have complimented each other quite nicely. One thing on Tuesday in Diversity that we were discussing was how to bring diversity discussions and ideas to undergraduate students. This came up in part due to UCLA College […]

Tools matter – daily drawing challenge

I took part in doodling my way through the Connected Courses: Daily Connect art challenge. I chose power point as my tool and noted that it really affected what I chose to draw. I tended to use much more repetition than in physical drawing, but also explored the colors more. Despite the tools of the […]

Do I really need a smart phone?

My phone is not smart. It is entirely functional. It is small and has the battery lasts for a week at a time. I can call, text, and take photos intermediate quality. Hailing from Finland, the 90′s Nokia phones are the standard I compare all my phones. And I am not alone in this. While […]