MOOCs and Businesses

I was watching a bit of TV a few days ago and saw a commercial advertising a partnership between Khan Academy and Bank of American on a financial education website they’re calling “Better Money Habits” which you can see here.

I think it is very interesting that the bank is using a MOOC as a way to explain some basic financial concepts as a way to have a more educated customer. It is easier for BOA to utilize people who are already teachers, rather than having people who are not educators try to explain these financial concepts. This makes me wonder what other opportunities their may be for partnerships between MOOCs and industry, and what that may mean for the quality of those classes. I would hate to think that something with a more educational motive will start to be taken over or overly influenced by advertisers or industry.

On the other hand it may be an opportunity for MOOCs to increase and promote their content and perhaps reach more people. I’m all for spreading education and making people aware that there are educational resources available to them. In that way this partnership could be great for both the MOOC and the company.

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