I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Upon graduating high school I enrolled at the University of New Mexico. As it is for many young people, college was very difficult for me at first. I struggled for a variety of reasons and after several difficult semesters, I took a break from school to rethink my plans.

I began working full-time at a local pizzeria and after a short time had worked my way up to a managerial position. I then helped open a new restaurant location and managed there for a year before deciding to return to school. I began at the local community college in the summer of 2011, while still working full-time. The classes grabbed my attention and I experienced a satisfaction in learning that I had never felt before. In Fall 2012 I began my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at New Mexico Tech (NMT). I maintained high honors through years of hard work and dedication as a student at NMT. The day I graduated from college was the proudest day of my life so far. Being the first person in my family to earn a college degree, I have set a great example for my younger brothers and honored the memory of my mother.

I am starting my first year of a PhD program in mechanical engineering and am researching acoustic metamaterials. I am interested in acoustics because it combines my love of music with my desire to invent solutions to complex problems. After completing my PhD, I would like to gain some industry experience, however, I would eventually like to work as a professor. I have a strong desire to have a positive influence on students and act as a role model. I believe that my non-traditional life experiences will allow me to connect to students, especially those who are underrepresented and those who may not succeed in traditional classroom environments.