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Week 1: Introduction and Reflections on the VT Principles of Community

Hello, my name is Abram Diaz-Strandberg. I am a second year PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and completed my Bachelor’s degree at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. My … Continue reading

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A Balanced Serving: networked learning to better equip the student

Networked learning is a concept that I have experienced but never had a formal name for until beginning the first weeks reading for my Contemporary Pedagogy course. As a child of the 80’s, I grew up watching the expanding incorporation … Continue reading

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Excited to Begin a New Semester

I am very excited to be the GTA for Dean DePauw’s Preparing the Future Professoriate Course. I had such a fulfilling experience as a student in the course and am looking forward to the thought provoking discussions we will have … Continue reading

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On the eve of departure…

I have been trying to figure out how to express all of the feelings I am having on this ‘eve of departure’. This post has taken me more days to write than I care to admit. Writing has always been … Continue reading

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Global Perspectives Program

I am very excited to be participating in the Virginia Tech Global Perspectives Program. During this amazing opportunity I will travel with a group of graduate students to Switzerland. The theme of this years trip is: higher education as public … Continue reading

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Open Access

The open access movement is a shift in the ideology of how scientific research should be published and shared with the scientific community and society as a whole. Open access journals do not charge a fee to readers or require … Continue reading

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Higher Ed and Ethics in Society

Every person must make ethical decisions throughout their lives. Small decisions like choosing to recycle, living more efficiently or choosing products produced ethically are all fairly easy and do not typically keep people up at night. The ethical decisions that … Continue reading

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MFA or PhD: what is the future of the terminal degree for artists?

In the past, the standard in America has been that the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is the terminal degree for an artist. There are an increasing number of programs, however, offering a PhD in art. This introduces the question … Continue reading

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Creating Better People

One of the most important aspects of higher education that I feel is often forgotten, especially in my field of engineering, is teaching students how to be better members of society. Engineers can get so caught up in the details of … Continue reading

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A Change to Higher Education

If I could change one thing about higher education it would be the grading system. I understand that in some ways it is a necessary evil, however, I think that grades promote a competitive sentiment in learning which I do not … Continue reading

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