Abram’s Bio

Inside the anechoic chamber I used for acoustic measurements. (Sept. 2016)

Hello, thanks for visiting my e-portfolio and blog.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Upon graduating high school I enrolled at the University of New Mexico. As it is for many young people, college was very difficult for me at first. I struggled for a variety of reasons and after several difficult semesters, I took a break from school to rethink my plans.

I began working full-time at a local pizzeria and after a short time had worked my way up to a managerial position. I then helped open a new restaurant location and managed at that location for a year before deciding to return to school. I began at Central New Mexico Community College in the summer of 2011, while still working full-time. The classes grabbed my attention and I experienced a satisfaction in learning  and gained confidence that I had never felt in school before. In Fall 2012 I transferred to New Mexico Tech (NMT). With my newly built confidence I became a dedicated student and maintained high honors through my years at NMT. I graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in May, 2016; it was the proudest day of my life so far. Being the first person in my family to earn a college degree, I feel that I have set a great example for my younger brothers and honored the memory of our mother.

This fall (2019) I will be beginning my fourth year of graduate education. My path through higher education has been non-traditional from the beginning and I have continued this approach as a graduate student. I began as a direct PhD student in the mechanical engineering department in the fall of 2016. My research interests were in acoustics, acoustic metamaterials (sub-wavelength resonance structures) and musical acoustics. I am also very passionate about teaching and learning. It is my ultimate goal to work as an educator and help increase accessibility to higher education for all people. I believe that my non-traditional life experiences will allow me to connect with and mentor students who may not succeed in traditional classroom environments.

In pursuit of my goal of working as an educator I have changed graduate programs. This fall I am beginning a PhD program in engineering education. This is a move that I have been working towards and preparing for and am so excited about the learning and research that I am embarking on. As far as a research topic goes, I am still distilling that. So you will just have to keep checking back to see what new exciting things I’m up to.

As a graduate student at Virginia Tech I have served as a teaching assistant for several classes. During my first year I was a teaching assistant in the Mechanical Engineering department for both the ME 4005 and ME 4006 labs. During my second year I was given the wonderful privilege of being the teaching assistant for the Preparing the Future Professoriate course taught by Dr. Karen DePauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education. This was a course that I took during my very first semester and it has had a huge impact on my ambitions. It gave me an understanding of higher education and inspired me to dedicate my efforts to transforming higher education into an environment where every student feels supported and is given the tools to thrive and become great citizens of the world.

My hobbies include playing the trombone and conga drums, photography, sewing, any flavor of cycling and making delicious creations in the kitchen.