Scholarly Integrity

Visiting the ORI website, one gets surprised that many cases of misconduct are related to medical research. This may affect the credibility of all findings that seem proposing new medicine or causes of a disease. One recent case in 2015 is the case of Dr. Fujita from Columbia University, which is a prestigious institution.

It is hard to uncover the true reasons that push a researcher to make up and fabricate data of protein expressions of human cells realted to Alzheimer’s disease patients. These fabricated results were published in Nature and Cell!! So what can we trust after those! It is nice that this misconduct was discovered but what makes anyone believe that any results published will be produced honestly through scientific research.

What makes a researcher do that? The goal of medical research is to help people fight their sickness and live with good health. When a researcher is fabricating, what is the value for Alzheimer’s disease patients from Dr. Fujita work? Maybe reviewing of submitted papers may require the peer reviewers to watch all experiment steps and revise everything, for the sake of diseased people whose tax money fund this research.


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