Nice info-graphic for using MOOC to flip a classroom

A nice info-graphic that I saw can be reached at

Flipping the classroom has always been a dream for me. I can see how it increases the interaction with students and make them prepared at time of class to completely understand the material. The info-graphic highlights how this technique turns the learning process to be student-centered. It also meets a desire of students as 60% of them like to use technology in the class. The info-graphic mentions a study where 200 teachers flipped their classes, and 85% of them noticed an increase in grades.

According to a case study, 95% of students believe video lectures enhance their learning. Flipping a class makes those students more comfortable and at the same time provide the instructor with a chance to make sure no students are suffering or misunderstanding any important concepts covered by the class.

73% of academic staff are already using digital content in their classes. I need to be one of those 🙂


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