Improving higher education: Self-paced classes!!

The current university system is not suiting the needs of many people around the world. A person who finished high school and did not continue his way through university education may in many cases be forced to do that. Governments and university leaders should seriously work to make it possible for people with different needs and life conditions to join university if they choose to. A person who cannot commit to be a full time undergraduate student does not mean he or she is lacking the passion to learn. Also a person that needs to work and has very limited time to study should be allowed to do so. Self-study is good for some but not suitable for all. Universities can do more than offering online classes. Campus experience and being among other students in classroom with a professor is so important for a student. Self-paced classes for people who need them can provide an opportunity for older people who like to learn but cannot spend the time needed for regular semester classes. Such classes need to have separate certificates so students don’t feel they are forced to take a specified number of classes to have a university degree. In last few years, MOOCs were joined by tens of thousands of senior citizens whose learning needs are not taken care of. Yes, it will be challenging for a professor to lead a class with students proceeding at different paces, a class that allows a student to enroll at any time, be certified when she finishes the material , and many other challenges, but for sure this will be a window for many people to make their dreams true.

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