Apple Conspiracy Theories

Earlier today, I was on Reddit (as usual) and came across a thread questioning the reliability of Apple. One user complained that his devices were still running slower, despite not making the upgrade to iOS7. He and many others believe that companies like Apple will do “silent updates” that will slow down devices. This causes the user to upgrade to a newer version of the device.

Now, I’m not saying Apple is intentionally slowing our iPhones down. The iOS7 upgrade has brought a lot of great changes, like showing the time of each text message and even an iTunes radio. However, I’m noticing several bugs on my phone that weren’t present before I upgraded.

Delete Screen: Here I am, scrolling around on Twitter, and BOOM! I’m suddenly back on my home screen, except the apps are all wiggling around with the x’s in the top left corner. This happens on almost every single application I use. It’s even caused me to almost accidentally delete apps.

Safari: Before the upgrade, I could use safari on my phone with ease. Now, it takes me several attempts to type in an address. The last time I tried to search something on my iPhone, it took me 6 tries because the address kept mysteriously disappearing as I typed it.

Keyboard: For some reason, my keyboard likes to disappear in the middle of texting. This happens a couple of times each day. Sometimes, only a few characters or letters will be missing. It happens with emojis as well. 

Maybe I shouldn't text so much...
Maybe I shouldn’t text so much…

Clearly, iOS7 is creating some issues for Apple users everywhere. There was even a case of people being able to “hack” into a locked iPhone through the convenient camera feature (story linked below). Apple is already working on fixing these more severe issues, but for now, it seems like some of these bugs are here to stay.

iOS7 Camera Bug:





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