New Printing Services

Photocopy is very glad to announce that they have 2 new services and a powerful new web tool for our patrons for the coming school year:

Mobile Printing, the Pharos Web Release and the University Libraries Plotter Printer.

Mobile Printing is going to be a very useful ability to our users.  Mobile Printing will allow a user, once they have registered their email and ID, to print from any email capable device and pick up that print job at any of our copiers…in Newman or the Branches.  The only requirement from the device is email.  Kindles, laptops, desktops, tablets or smart phones can all be used.    Multiple email services can all be registered under a single ID.

Here is the Library Web link to the Mobile printing:

University Libraries Plotter  is located on the 2nd floor.  The plotter will work in the same fashion as the printers do now.  A patron will be able to print from the public machines by selecting the plotter from the printer options.  They will then go to the Plotter Release Station located next to the plotter and swipe their card.  The computer will show a release screen in the same way of the copiers.  Once the print job is selected and released to the plotter, it will print immediately.  The cost is .03 per square inch.  That works out to be about $8.64 per 12×24 area.  Our plotter is an HP T2300 with the choice of 24” or 36” paper.

Posters will be placed at the plotter and in the areas of the copiers.

We are waiting for the plotter drivers to be added to the public computers (should be any time now.)

The Pharos Web Release  is a web based interface that will allow patrons to view their print queues from the web.  Not only will it give them information on their balances, cost of print jobs, but will also allow them to alter the settings of the print jobs in the queue.  They will have the ability to change from B/W or color, 1 sided or 2 sided and the number of copiers.  This is control that is not offered at the copiers once the job has been sent.  The Web Release is a function of the Mobile Printing and is available after registering for the Mobile Printing.

The Web Release registration page can be found here:  Pharos Web Release page  (we are also waiting for the security certification to be set up for this)

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Mark Robertson.  We are really excited to see the amount of usage we will receive out of each of these services.

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