About me!

Welcome! I am currently a research assistant and a Ph.D. student. I received the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research scholarship to pursue my Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and I have a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering. My research interests are in the area of  NLP,  cognitive thinking, policy, guidelines, and assessments by leveraging data to make accurate and reliable decisions. Please Check my personal materials down below if you are interested in my work and my teaching.

My Teaching Philosophy 

The foundation of my teaching philosophy can be split into four main concepts. First, I believe that we should teach and provide everyone with the same resources regardless of their sex, gender, race, etc. Teachers, students, and peers should join together in learning communities to help each other in terms of enhancing and improving their knowledge. Second, learning is a construction process that is improved by others’ prior knowledge and experiences. Collaboration between students is necessary for their learning experience. Third, to keep students actively engaged, we must understand that some students resist learning, and student engagement can be enhanced by understanding motivation and active learning. Teachers can utilize the interaction between active learning and motivation in the classroom to keep them engaged actively. Finally, motivation is not only the center of active learning but also enhances students’ goal achievement. Motivation can develop their competency, autonomy, and relatedness which
create a pathway to learning success

Here is my Google Scholar and other materials feel free to check my work: