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The history of the peer-review processTrends in Biotechnology5757
ZFN, TALEN, and CRISPR/Cas-based methods for genome engineeringTrends in Biotechnology23933
Synthetic biology: from hype to impactTrends in Biotechnology22925
Not-so-incidental findings: the ACMG recommendations on the reporting of incidental findings in clinical whole genome and whole exome sequencingTrends in Biotechnology1106
Unjustified regulation prevents use of GMO technology for public goodTrends in Biotechnology23934
Plant biotechnology: research behind fencesTrends in Biotechnology42
Synthetic biology, the bioeconomy, and a societal quandaryTrends in Biotechnology22619
Genetic design automation: engineering fantasy or scientific renewal?Trends in biotechnology1814
Bioprinting for stem cell researchTrends in Biotechnology2018
Visual prostheses for the blind.Trends Biotechnol21
Establishment of new crops for the production of natural rubberTrends in Biotechnology1
Transgenic plants as vital components of integrated pest managementTrends in Biotechnology1
Antibacterial surfaces: the quest for a new generation of biomaterialsTrends in Biotechnology1412
Genetic approaches to interfere with malaria transmission by vector mosquitoesTrends in Biotechnology198
Amphibian skin: A promising resource for antimicrobial peptidesTrends in Biotechnology1
Does genomic selection have a future in plant breeding?Trends in Biotechnology109
Advancing bacteriophage-based microbial diagnostics with synthetic biologyTrends in Biotechnology11613
Small-molecule based musculoskeletal regenerative engineeringTrends in Biotechnology1109
Bio-design automation: software + biology + robotsTrends in Biotechnology108
Spheroid culture as a tool for creating 3D complex tissuesTrends in Biotechnology98
23 and Me, We, and You: direct-to-consumer genetics, intellectual property, and informed consentTrends in Biotechnology296
Marine macroalgae: an untapped resource for producing fuels and chemicalsTrends in Biotechnology1108
Systematic functional analysis of the yeast genome.Trends in biotechnology2
Microbials for the production of monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragmentsTrends in Biotechnology88
Aquatic zooremediation: deploying animals to remediate contaminated aquatic environmentsTrends in Biotechnology2
Bacteriophages as potential new therapeutics to replace or supplement antibioticsTrends in Biotechnology72
The synthetic futures of vesicular stomatitis virusTrends in Biotechnology1115
Microalgal compounds modulate carcinogenesis in the gastrointestinal tractTrends in Biotechnology87
Farming up the city: the rise of urban vertical farmsTrends in Biotechnology66
Invoking ideology in the promotion of ecological risk assessment for GM cropsTrends in Biotechnology88
Transgene flow from Bt brinjal: a real Risk?Trends in Biotechnology76
Sustainability considerations for integrated biorefineriesTrends in Biotechnology66
Marker-free plasmids for biotechnological applications – implications and perspectivesTrends in Biotechnology76
From gene switches to mammalian designer cells: present and future prospectsTrends in Biotechnology197
Mushroom immunomodulators: unique molecules with unlimited applicationsTrends in Biotechnology88
Systematic functional analysis of the yeast genomeTrends in Biotechnology65
Metagenomic identification of viral pathogensTrends in Biotechnology77
Biobased chemicals: the convergence of green chemistry with industrial biotechnologyTrends in Biotechnology88
Toward aggregation-resistant antibodies by designTrends in Biotechnology77
Proteins behaving badly: emerging technologies in profiling biopharmaceutical aggregationTrends in Biotechnology54
Smelling the roses and seeing the light: gene therapy for ciliopathiesTrends in Biotechnology55
Microtools for single-cell analysis in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturingTrends in Biotechnology76
Then and now – a 30-year perspective on biotechnologyTrends in Biotechnology76
Coping with complexity in metabolic engineeringTrends in Biotechnology98
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering in cancer detection and imagingTrends in Biotechnology44
HUH site-specific recombinases for targeted modification of the human genomeTrends in Biotechnology33
Single-use disposable technologies for biopharmaceutical manufacturingTrends in Biotechnology43
Harnessing the power of macrophages/monocytes for enhanced bone tissue engineeringTrends in Biotechnology44
Plant genetic engineering and agricultural biotechnology 1983–2013Trends in Biotechnology55
Then and now: hypes and hopes of regenerative medicineTrends in Biotechnology65
Plants with stacked genetically modified events: to assess or not to assess?Trends in Biotechnology44
Genetic engineering of multispecies microbial cell factories as an alternative for bioenergy productionTrends in Biotechnology44
On-line monitoring of large cultivations of microalgae and cyanobacteriaTrends in Biotechnology143
Technologies for deriving primary tumor cells for use in personalized cancer therapyTrends in Biotechnology33
Immunosignaturing: a critical reviewTrends in Biotechnology76
Biotechnological potential of the fungal CTG clade species in the synthetic biology eraTrends in Biotechnology44
The potential legacy of cancer nanotechnology: cellular selectionTrends in Biotechnology22
Highlighting attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for rapid serum analysisTrends in Biotechnology32
Biomedical applications of distally controlled magnetic nanoparticlesTrends in Biotechnology32
Stem cell metabolic and spectroscopic profilingTrends in Biotechnology33
A tale of two specificities: bispecific antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applicationsTrends in Biotechnology33
Exterior design: strategies for redecorating the bacterial surface with small moleculesTrends in Biotechnology65
Comparative safety assessment for biotech cropsTrends in Biotechnology132
Janus-faced biotechnology: an historical perspectiveTrends in Biotechnology141
Imprinted polymers assisting protein crystallizationTrends in Biotechnology43
Microgravity and its implication for fermentation biotechnology.Trends in biotechnology22
An algorithm for the identification of genetically modified animalsTrends in Biotechnology33
Soft robotics: a bioinspired evolution in roboticsTrends in Biotechnology22
Enzyme immobilization on nanomaterials for biofuel productionTrends in Biotechnology44
Shine a light on immobilized enzymes: real-time sensing in solid supported biocatalystsTrends in Biotechnology33
Emerging rules for effective antimicrobial coatingsTrends in Biotechnology22
Virus-like particle-based human vaccines: quality assessment based on structural and functional propertiesTrends in Biotechnology22
The physics of tobacco mosaic virus and virus-based devices in biotechnologyTrends in Biotechnology22
Potency evaluation of tissue engineered and regenerative medicine productsTrends in Biotechnology22
Inverting hydrolases and their use in enantioconvergent biotransformationsTrends in Biotechnology131
Overview of clinical flow cytometry data analysis: recent advances and future challengesTrends in Biotechnology22
Microfabricated devices in microbial bioenergy sciencesTrends in Biotechnology33
Nitrogen supply is an important driver of sustainable microalgae biofuel production.Trends in biotechnology22
Combination approaches to combat multidrug-resistant bacteriaTrends in Biotechnology132
Cellulases: ambiguous nonhomologous enzymes in a genomic perspective.Trends in biotechnology1
Recent advances in large-scale production of monoclonal antibodies and related proteinsTrends in Biotechnology33
Using insect sniffing devices for detectionTrends in Biotechnology11
Codex guideline and Food and Agriculture Organization database on low-level presence of genetically modified plantsTrends in Biotechnology11
The case for reforming the EU regulatory system for GMOsTrends in Biotechnology11
Cultivated microalgae spills: hard to predict/easier to mitigate risksTrends in Biotechnology11
Miniaturizing microbial fuel cellsTrends in Biotechnology11
Single cell analysis: the new frontier in ‘Omics’Trends in biotechnology11
Cationic peptides: a new source of antibiotics.Trends in biotechnology1
Cartilage repair and replacement in the knee: a regulatory perspectiveTrends in Biotechnology11
Exopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria: perspectives and challengesTrends in Biotechnology11
Potential of proton-pumping rhodopsins: engineering photosystems into microorganismsTrends in Biotechnology33
Understanding of dopant-induced osteogenesis and angiogenesis in calcium phosphate ceramicsTrends in Biotechnology11
Enzymatic lysis and disruption of microbial cellsTrends in Biotechnology21
Interface of biotechnology and ecology for environmental risk assessments of transgenic fishTrends in Biotechnology11
Artificial spores: cytoprotective nanoencapsulation of living cellsTrends in Biotechnology11
Biomass sustainability and certificationTrends in Biotechnology11
Broad virus resistance in transgenic plants.Trends in biotechnology1
Response to Prins: broad virus resistance in transgenic plants.Trends in biotechnology1
Mesoscale modeling: solving complex flows in biology and biotechnologyTrends in Biotechnology11
The necessity of nuclear reactors for targeted radionuclide therapiesTrends in Biotechnology11