Arrived at Yanayacu last night after a long 14 hr travel day. Rough weather conditions with many inches of rain made the long canoe ride out of the jungle and later bus transfers quite the adventure. As we ascended from the lowlands into the mountains we passed more than a dozen mud slides that had been cleared the same day. We are lucky that we made it in at a good hour…Could have been a very long night waiting for roads to be cleared. Still dumping rain now.


A bit hypnotizing on the tin roof of the biological station. Enjoying a coffee in the cold cloud forest at first light, watching a trogon (pictured left) about 5 meters away (or it’s watching me). Hummingbirds are starting their morning feeding frenzy. Life is good and the students are starting to rise. It is going to be another great day.

~ Dr. Bill Hopkins, trip co-leader and professor of fish and wildlife conservation at Virginia Tech