As an ongoing PhD student at CAUS (College of Architecture & Urban Studies) of Virginia Tech, I am currently engaged in the track of architectural history & theory study. My preliminary research interest correlates to the undefined affinity and serendipity between the engagement of Frank Lloyd Wright in his organic thinking and East Manuscripts, specifically Chinese, which he might have directly or indirectly referred to in philosophical, architectonical, and cultural senses, based initially on his unexplored visit to China. Deeply appreciating Wright’s organic legacy, the ongoing research is expected to add to the diversity of Wright-associated study and to complete the puzzle for this “Master of World Architecture” called on by architectural historian Vincent Scully Jr.

Upon graduation, I am intended to pinpoint my professional career on the instruction of architectural history and theory and will preferably expand my research interest to the modernization of Chinese Architecture situated in the landscape of Modernism and Postmodernism, and to interpret its up-and-down in terms of the contextualized interactions with multiple Western art movements.