Steam Engines I and II

Eugene Ferguson on the Origin of Steam Engines

By Jeremy Lane In Eugene Ferguson’s article, he explains that, while James Watt made significant improvements on the steam engine, it was Thomas Newcomen that was the creator of the original steam engine. So while most people might give Watt all the credit, Ferguson does his best to show that Newcomen made just as significant contributions …

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Summary of “The Origins of the Steam Engine” by Ferguson

When thinking of the creator of the steam engine or who started the industrial revolution many people think of James Watt. However, fifty years before Watt became popular in the public eye a man named Thomas Newcomen was building steam engines which pumped water out of mines. Before Newcomen began work on his engine there …

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Steam Engine Development II – Boulton Letter

In this letter from Matthew Boulton to Erasmus Darwin, Boulton describes the differences between the B&W steam engines and the earlier Newcomens engines. Instead of boasting about the success of the B&W engine, he prefaces his description by stating that the letter is simply a factual list and can be interpreted however Darwin pleases. Boulton …

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Steam Engine Origins

The steam engine is an innovation that had lasting effects on the industrial revolution in Britain and the modern era. Utilizing the properties of steam, thermal energy could be converted to work in a system. However, it is important to consider how this idea resulted in what we all think about today: the Watt engine. […]

Ferguson “The Origin of the Steam Engine”

One of the most popular and heavily discussed historic inventions was the steam engine. However, the invention of the steam engine is mistakenly credited to James Watt. In reality, the development of the steam engine took place over many years and was approached by many people. Thomas Survey and Thomas Newcomen are two examples of …

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