Early Tech in China

The Commencement of Paper

An article by Erica AlvarezBefore the invention of paper, the people of China used bamboo, animal bones, and silk to write on for record keeping and other documentation needs. Bamboo and animal bones, though handy, proved heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Likewise, costly silk . Cai Lun invented paper in the Han Dynasty, China…

“History of Science and Technology in China”

Quinn Hogan (298) For starters, much of what we know about the History of Technology in China is thanks to Joseph Needham. Needham studied much of China during his life, and helped display what technologies were used an invented in China throughout a massive time period of around 2000 B.C.E, and 1000 C.E. Such technologies […]

History of Science and Technology in China

Throughout the article “History of the Science and Technology in China” written by New World Encyclopedia, there is a recurring theme. The Chinese created countless amazing inventions and revolutions while segregated from the western world. They did eventually broaden their horizons and start trading with outsiders, but for a long period of time, all of the new …

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