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Pottery in Antiquity

In his article “Pottery in Antiquity,” Cristian Violatti examines why pottery was so widespread among different cultures, the techniques used to create early pottery, and what the complexity of those techniques suggests for societies at the time. Pottery was not invented at one location and then spread to other cultures; rather, it was discovered by … Continue reading Pottery in Antiquity

Pottery in Antiquity–Mary Irwin

Cristian Violatti gives a brief background on the history of pottery and then elaborates on the technological advances associated with pottery making throughout early history in his article Pottery in Antiquity. He also details mechanisms archaeologists utilize to date pottery and archaeological sites. Pottery was developed in different locations at different times, which Violatti attributes to the…

“How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin

Quinn Hogan (379)   Robert Maddin, James Muhly, and Tamra Wheeler try to pin point the closest possible time period at which the “Iron Age” came into History. A few important things the authors put forward for clarity is how the iron age did not begin because people discovered iron. As the authors say, “Iron […]