Course Conclusion Readings

Langer “The Social Question”

Through his article, Langer discusses how industrialization has impacted society as a whole. Industrialization is not the sole cause for the issues within England, but instead a piece of the complex puzzle that came together around that time. Large populations living in poverty combining with the rapid population growth created a system that was designed…

Kessler “McClellan – Industrial Revolution”

Society was evolving and changing at a rate that hadn’t been seen for thousands of years. It started with a group of hunters and gatherers wanting to find a better way to survive. Shortly came settlements which then lead to the agriculture based and trade based world that became the dominant system. With the Industrial …

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McCellan- The Industrial Revolution by David Barney

The industrial revolution that occurred in the eighteenth century had caused considerable changes to society like that of the Neolithic Revolution that occurred over 12,000 years ago where humans adopted food production. The onset of the industrial revolution had some unlikely origins as progress grew out of necessity rather than abundance. In England, the use …

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William L. Langer – The Social Question

Langer’s article, titled The Social Question, is about the questioning the impacts of industrialism, specifically targeting the issues of the rise of poverty, hunger, and disease in England during the 1800’s. England had gone through a lot of change during this time after enduring an agricultural revolution followed by an urbanization and subsequent industrialization. The […]

McClellan: The Industrial Revolution

The population in England skyrocketed in the 18th century after the low periods caused by the Black Plague. Thanks to better hygiene and new agricultural practices, 9 million people crowded the island. Land and sources of energy (ie: wood) became increasingly scarce. The Norfolk system, a four-field crop-rotation system, and the enclosure of public land …

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The Industrial Revolution

In Chapter 13 of McClellan and Dorn’s “Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction” an overview of the modern Industrial Revolution is presented. The industrial revolution was characterized by the development of several major industries and technologies: coal, the steam engine, iron production, textiles, and more. The development of the coal industry was driven …

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