The Pocket Watch

“The Pocket Watch: The Wearable Clock” By: Tayler Anderson, Virginia Tech 2018   Frequently, people think of time as a valuable element in society. Time keeps track of the progress of existence and events. It serves importance to have a … Continue reading

Comment on Technology in Early China by tayander

I found your post very interesting. You listed a lot of innovations made by China, which was very interesting to read and learn about. I liked how you linked information for the great leap forward which talked about another example of the intersection of technology.
Great Job!

– Tayler Anderson

Comment on Summary of the Chapter “The Emergence of Big Business” in Mansel Blackford’s Business Enterprise in American History by tayander

I think you did a great job of summarizing the passage. I find it very interesting when you talked about the advancements of the railroad industry and how it emerged into an everyday transportation device. The link that you provided gave even more useful information which helped to understand the entity of the passage. Great Job!

– Tayler Anderson

The Alphabet

The Alphabet by Micheal N. Geselowitz from “The Ancient Mediterranean” discusses the creation and evolution of symbols that we now call the Alphabet. From the earliest existence of civilization, cuneiform was one of the only forms of writing language that individuals would … Continue reading