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Nice summary of Harris’ article. I like how you pointed out that by draining mines of water, the Newcomen engine fills itself because it lets miners mine and provide more coal for it. With all the focus nowadays on clean energy and how bad fossil fuels are, it sometimes is lost on me how revolutionary coal was when people discovered what a great source of energy it made.

Ancient Chinese Seismometers

Ryan McNeill Professor Hirsh History of Technology 19 October, 2018 Shaking the Ancient World A large theme throughout this course has been technology can come before science. The ancient Chinese earthquake seismometer follows this rule. Ancient peoples first believed that earthquakes were disturbances in the balances with yin and yang. They believed earthquakes were signs …

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Comment on The Romans – By Carlson by ryanmc


I really enjoyed reading your blog. The Roman military is truly fascinating. Reading the article you provided was fascinating. It blows my mind how organized and powerful the Roman military was. It’s awesome that we are able to know so many small details like Pyrric War.

Comment on For the Love of Beer by ryanmc

I love how you added humor into your very first line , yet you were still able to keep a serious and information introduction. I really enjoyed the article on how to brew beer, maybe Professor Hirsh will let us brew some in class. For the historical as…

MacLaughlan: Technology in Classical Greece

Ryan McNeill Ancient Greek and Romans were a lot more scientifically advanced than many people give them credit for. Beginning with iron, Maclaughlan explains that the two cultures used iron far more democratically than people remember. Once people began learning how to properly smith iron, it quickly replaced bronze as the main metal people used. …

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