Oscar Johansson

Comment on Fisk, “Arkwright” by Oscar Johansson

Great job with this post! I am surprised how vicious his opponents were in attempting to challenge his patents. I also find it interesting that Arkwright was considered the “founding father” due to the way he treated his workers and not necessarily the techniques and technologies he developed. This shows how much the decent treatment of workers matters, and hopefully this can be applied in companies and factories in the present day.

McNown – Canals in America

McNown begins by explaining the development of canals in Europe in the 16th Century. The expansion of the canal system in Europe began by improving the navigability of rivers by removing obstacles or digging canals around rapids or other barriers. As engineers learned the advantages of canals for transportation compared to roadways, the expansion of…

Steam Engine Development II – Boulton Letter

In this letter from Matthew Boulton to Erasmus Darwin, Boulton describes the differences between the B&W steam engines and the earlier Newcomens engines. Instead of boasting about the success of the B&W engine, he prefaces his description by stating that the letter is simply a factual list and can be interpreted however Darwin pleases. Boulton …

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