Comment on Kessler “McCellan – Industrial Revolution” by mjlyman

The change in ideologies is something that I hadn’t of thought about before. The world became more about business and the businessmen used whatever methods they could to make more money. This is what leads to child labor, they use it because it was cheap and allowed for more production at lower cost. Fortunately, over time regulations were added to protect people from these businesses taking advantage of people.

Industrial Power Brokers

The industrial revolution began in a little town know as Coalbrookdale.  This was where, in 1709, Abraham Darby successfully smelted iron using coke instead of charcoal. This success created a solution to a major fuel crisis.  Charcoal is made from coppicing trees and this was depleting the forests that were needed to build houses and …

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In 1494, in the Saxon town of Glauchau, Geogius Agricola was born.  The latin form of Georgius Agricola is Georg Bauer.  Agricola would go on to be considered as the first modern scientist. Agricola was a Renaissance genius and was the earliest modern writer on mining and metallurgy.  He wrote a book called De Re Metallica.  …

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The Stirrup

The stirrup revolutionized European warfare.  The stirrup arrived in Europe sometime between 500 and 750 AD.  The stirrup provided the rider of the horse with more stability and firepower than before.  A knight could use the horse’s momentum to add power to strikes with a lance, sword, or ax.  This attack had much more power …

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