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Comment on Gimpel Chapter 9: The End of an Era by Long Cao

Thank you for writing this summary. I liked the way you organized your summary to be easy and simple to follow along with.
The link above shows the spread of the Black Death throughout Europe.
You can see in this GIF that Milan, Cracow, and Marseilles seem to be unaffected by the plague. In Milan’s case, the government had an extremely strict and gruesome way to stop the spread. When someone started to show signs of the infection, the ruler of Milan at the time would have the house and the three houses next to it barricaded, in order to stop it from spreading. For Cracow, people had multiple theories on why it was safe from the plague. One theory says that Cracow closed their borders during the plague. Another one is that Cracow had very little people and the few people that did live there were spread apart, so that made it harder for the plague to spread to others. And lastly, Marseilles is simple to explain, it was not a happy place for a lot of people to live at during this time, so like Cracow, it made it harder for the plague to spread.

Comment on Summary of Carlson’s “The Romans,” by Chris Selby by Long Cao

Nice summary! My favorite part about your summary is how you split up and talked about each of the Roman technology and gave reasons as to why the Romans improved the technology or how well made and advanced it was. I also liked how you told us how much ancient Roman technology still impacts us today, for example the roads, they were made a long time ago yet they are still being “used” (the foundation of the roads) today.

If you want to learn more about ancient Rome engineering you can click on the link below and watch. This video gives you a very good look at their engineering, while also still telling you about the history. (1 hour and 33 minutes long)

If you want to learn more about the roads that were built click on the link below. (42 minutes long)

Comment on The First Technological Revolution and Its Lessons by Long Cao

I feel like you did a great job at picking out the important details in the article and at the same time making it easy to follow and understand what the key points in the article were. One example of this is when you mentioned the importance of irrigation technology and how everything we currently have today was because we changed from being hunter-gatherers to staying in one place and making a civilization. When you mentioned that everything we have today like,writing, law codes, science, armies, and the idea of individual, it really made me think how important the first Technological Revolution was to today’s society.