Kailey Deane

Comment on Summary of the Chapter “The Emergence of Big Business” in Mansel Blackford’s Business Enterprise in American History by Kailey Deane


This is a good summary of Blackford’s passage. I found it extremely fascinating that the railroads set up the varying times zones in the U.S. As you have stated, it is obvious how much bureaucratic and departmental managing changed the face of business, and it continues to modern times. If you have ever been around construction sites and companies, they follow a very similar structure, especially with communication. A message begins at the source, and works it’s way up the hierarchy ladder until an answer/solution is found. I find it helpful to connect history with modern society and my own experiences.

Comment on Geis: The Triumphs and Failures of Ancient Technology by Kailey Deane

Nice post! I really like the quote and images; it makes the post seem more thought out and personal than a just a summary. I don’t agree with Geis’ classification of “failures.” These technologies were impressive for the time period, and many are still impressive today. However, I like the tie in of how the technologies were and still are very useful, despite their downfalls.

Comment on “How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin by Kailey Deane


Your blog post is a good read and offers much insight into an “advantage versus disadvantage” standpoint. The Maddin article also highlights on the theory that many discoveries involving the production of iron, including steeling and quenching, were accidental. I found this particularly interesting, as it further suggests that scientific knowledge does not always precede technology. I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on this aspect, as I feel that it is relevant.

Kailey Deane