Godliness and Work by Jodel Williams

In Casson’s article, he insinuates that the reason for the stagnated technological development was not a lack of resources or intelligence, but simply a prejudice against the idea of manual labor. The Greeks and Romans bias was not dispelled until Christianity rose in popularity and the people became more open to modern technology. This shift …

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Comment on Summary of Jon Guttman’s “Stirrup and Lance” by jwill0620

This was an excellent summary of Guttman’s article! I was always curious about how people in the past were able to control their horses while aiming a bow and arrow. The stirrups really were an important invention that changed battle on horseback. Although the lance is now obsolete, it is still an innovative weapon for its time. If I had to choose a weapon to ride into battle with during the medieval times, the lance would be one of my first choices.