Comment on The Groma by David Barney by jwill0620

This is a great article about the Groma! I have never learned about this device before, and your article gave me a good idea about its functions and how it was made. The pictures also helped me to learn the different parts of the Groma. The Groma sound…

Comment on Steam Engine Origins by jwill0620

This is an excellent post! I applaud you for pointing out the fallacies in Ferguson’s article because it gives readers a proper understanding of the true origins of the steam engine. The steam engine was used in many cultures in various ways. For instance, Saloman de Caus used his engine for gardening while Savery applied it to mining. This shows the versatility of the steam engine and why it became such a popular invention in many countries.

Godliness and Work Summary by Jodel Williams

In Casson’s article, he insinuates that the reason for the stagnated technological development was not a lack of resources or intelligence, but simply a prejudice against the idea of manual labor. The Greeks and Romans bias was not dispelled until Christianity rose in popularity and the people became more open to modern technology. This shift…

Comment on Cardwell, “Galileo” (Father of the Scientific Method) by jwill0620

This is an excellent post bout Galileo’s contributions to science. I feel enlightened because previously I knew nothing about Galileo beyond his research with observational astronomy. Galileo’s law of inertia is a concept that will continue to be used for centuries even as science and technology continues to evolve. The gif is very helpful for those who do not understand the idea with words alone. Galileo was truly an extraordinary man worthy of the title “father of modern physics”.