Comment on Cardwell, “Galileo” (Father of the Scientific Method) by jordanlloyd


Galileo contributed greatly to the concepts of modern science, particularly astronomy and physics. He quantified the ideas of work, power, and energy; a big step in understanding the conservation of energy and the concept of inertia. Galileo was a truly great mind, a great engineer, a great astronomer, and a great physicist. The scientific methods of Galileo live on and will continue to live on well into the future of science and innovation!

If you would like more information on Galileo’s interests in astronomy and dynamics, follow this link:

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Zabecki – The Strength and Advantages of the Longbow

Of the many medieval weapons developed during the middle ages, the longbow is considered by many to be one of the most innovative, effective, and devastating. The power of the longbow was most famously demonstrated at the Battle of Agincourt in October of 1415. England’s King Henry V, after realizing a march on Paris was …

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The “Failure” of Ancient Technologies

The Ancient societies of Greece and Rome are well revered for their innovations and governmental achievements. The most prominent contribution, and perhaps the most well-known aspect of these societies, being the architectural developments made during their time. Greece relied heavily on the post and lintel system, where large horizontal structures are held up by vertical…