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I’m interested to know why Coalbrookdale was the center of the Industrial Revolution. Was this only because Darby smelted iron with coke for the first time there? Knowing that Coalbrookdale, based on the name, had a lot of coal; so did other places. Why is this town considered the center?

Comment on The Industrial Revolution by jeffpk

Good summary of McClellan and Dorn’s chapter. I really like how you pointed out that developments in different industries influenced and effected each other. Do you think this is something we should be doing more of today? I feel like some of today’s industries are more isolated than they once were.

Fisk, “Arkwright”

In the reading, “Arkwright: Cotton King or Spin Doctor?” Karen Fisk looks critically upon Richard Arkwright’s influence on the textile industry, as well as the evolution of the industry itself. First, who is Richard Arkwright?  Sometimes referred to as “’founding father’ of the Industrial revolution” or “father of the factory system,” Arkwright was a trained …

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Stearns – Population Growth.

In the guided reading by Peter N. Stearns, titled “Population growth”; Stearns talks about why he believes that the great expansion of population was a “disruptive force” in Europe during the 18th century.  But, before we explain how it was a “disruptive force”, lets examine what caused this massive growth. The causes of the massive …

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Summary of Reynolds’ “Medieval Roots of the Industrial Revolution”

In this reading, Reynolds talks about Water power and its role in the industrial revolution, starting in medieval times.  He starts out by describing different rudimentary water wheels, for example vertical undershot wheels, vertical overshot wheels, and horizontal wheels.  Although these wheels were developed far before medieval times; they didn’t become widely used until the …

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