Jared Cochran

Comment on Summary of the Chapter “Early Foundations” in David Lewis’ Iron and Steel in America by Jared Cochran

You did a very good job at summarizing the article and outlining Lewis’ main points. One thing that I found interesting in the article is the mention of the bloomery. If I am remembering right, we did not discuss bloomeries extensively in class. This article goes into some detail on how a bloomery makes the bloom or iron product.

Comment on Fisk, “Arkwright” by Jared Cochran

I really enjoyed reading your summary and you did a very good job at summarizing this article and outlining all of the main points from the article. One question that I had from reading the article, and maybe you thought of this too, but without Thornley’s death and the addition of Need and Strutt as financial backers who both had connections in the textile industry, do you think that Arkwright would have been able to patent the spinning machine before other inventors and would have the success that he had?

Agincourt by Zabecki

Zabecki begins this article with giving the background of the Battle of Agincourt. This battle happened in 1415 near Agincourt, France during the Hundred Years War. He does point out the ironic fact that though this war was called the Hundred Years War, it actually last 116 years. However, he summarizes the actions of Henry…

Comment on “How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin by Jared Cochran

Quinn, I really think that you summed up the article very well and in a way where someone who has no background on this subject would be able to sit down and read it easily. I also liked how you added the extra links on creating steel. This was not in the article but I’m just curious if you have any previous knowledge on it, but everyone knows about the Greek Bronze Age but were there any other civilizations that had something similar to it or used bronze to the caliber that the Greeks did? Overall though, very well written summary.

Jared Cochran