Comment on The Alphabet by hoganq97

This article is concise and to the point. That is very helpful to everyone in the class, and especially helpful to someone who did not actually read the source. I enjoyed the part about the Phonetic alphabet, and how it drawls parallels with a lot …

“History of Science and Technology in China”

Quinn Hogan (298) For starters, much of what we know about the History of Technology in China is thanks to Joseph Needham. Needham studied much of China during his life, and helped display what technologies were used an invented in China throughout a massive time period of around 2000 B.C.E, and 1000 C.E. Such technologies […]

“How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin

Quinn Hogan (379)   Robert Maddin, James Muhly, and Tamra Wheeler try to pin point the closest possible time period at which the “Iron Age” came into History. A few important things the authors put forward for clarity is how the iron age did not begin because people discovered iron. As the authors say, “Iron […]

Agriculture and Power in Ancient Mesoamerica

Quinn Hogan (346) David A. Freidel explains the relationship between farmers in Mesoamerica, and the lands which they held. The biggest point he is trying to thrust at the audience of this article, is how and why farmers in Mesoamerican civilizations allowed rulers to lay claim to the control of their agricultural yields. Freidel goes […]