Aziz Shaik

Comment on E. R. Chamberlin: Changes in English Agriculture by Aziz Shaik

Great job of summarizing Chamberlin’s article, especially by emphasizing the effects of this new legislation and how it impacted communities of farmers. The picture you provided also helped to give a picture of what the Bills of Enclosure resulted in. I found the image that you used in your article in the pdf file below that another user has referenced also, and additionally, the site presented information about the benefits and drawbacks of the system, instead of focusing more on the benefits like Chamberlin’s article.

The above site also gives information as to how many enclosure acts there were as well as the areas of England where they were most common.

Comment on McNown on Canals by Aziz Shaik

The link comparing canals and railroads was especially apt considering that McNown’s article seems to discuss how waterways were the fastest way to travel than by over land. As I was reading through McNown’s article one thing that caught my eye was the fact that one sixth of all the freight in the United States was transported through inland waterways in 1976, the year this article was published. I was curious as to how these numbers are affected in modern times especially with the greater use of air transport and I was curious as to how this would be affected in modern times. I could not find much for air travel compared to railroad or waterways, but I did find a site that had a ton of data related to transportation and a useful map that depicts the load of each transportation method as well as the track it follows. Unsurprisingly, truck transport through interstate highways seems to have the most presence on the map, but waterways and railroads still seem to be used extensively, especially for larger loads.