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McCellan- The Industrial Revolution by David Barney

The industrial revolution that occurred in the eighteenth century had caused considerable changes to society like that of the Neolithic Revolution that occurred over 12,000 years ago where humans adopted food production. The onset of the industrial revolution had some unlikely origins as progress grew out of necessity rather than abundance. In England, the use …

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Comment on Revised Short Research Paper – Greek Fire: A Dangerous Weapon and Mysterious Secret by jeremyl

Greek fire is such a neat topic. I found this site ( where there were a number of people discussing possible materials in Greek Fire. It’s just so strange that even today we have no idea what it is. Alot of theories suggest an oil based mixture as that would allow the “fire” to burn, even on water. Other suggestions were mixtures that included quicklime — a material that would explode on contact with water. However others claim that quicklime doesn’t act the way the Greek Fire is described. I suppose this will continue to be a mystery.

Comment on Summary of the Chapter “The Emergence of Big Business” in Mansel Blackford’s Business Enterprise in American History by jeremyl

This is actually a very interesting topic because this is an example of a company contributing a lot to the national economy and being rewarded for it with a major foothold in a multi-billion dollar industry. On one hand, this benefitted so many people and improved their quality of life. But, because of how capitalism works, industries that get big early cannot be toppled. For example, as part of a series of mergers, B&O is now a part of the massive CSX Transportation, which was worth $31 billion in 2013.

I’m not saying that there is necessarily anything wrong with this, but it is interesting to see how it would be extraordinarily difficult for a new company to compete. Atleast in the east coast area, you would have almost no choice but to use their service if you wanted to use railroads. Fortunately, there are other methods of shipment, but if there wasn’t, you would hardly be able to call it a free market when no one else could compete.

Comment on Pottery in Antiquity by tejas

Good post Rae. The fact that pottery making was not invented in one location was discovered by multiple societies, independent of one another suggests that the people were familiar with the technology long before it was shaped into the art of making co…

Comment on McClellan: The Industrial Revolution by jndickey

Very cool that you added women into our studies. It is a shame that more women are not given equal credit for their hard work. This article that you summarized had a lot of transferable information for the classroom. The pictures you added are great visuals to help us understand what you’re talking about. Good post.

–Jordan Dickey