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Comment on The Stirrup by jadenorr

Well written. I liked how you described how the technology actually worked, then how different cultures used the technology. It was interesting to learn how the same technology could be used with different focuses.

When and why did people first start using money? – Kyle Weissenberger

This article written by Chapurukha Kusimba describes money as a universal language, something that everyone, everywhere understands. Starting in the upper Paleolithic nearly forty thousand years ago, individuals would barter for weapons and tools, creating the first forms of currency. The article describes that the common belief is that money first originated as a form…

Comment on Kessler “McCellan – Industrial Revolution” by mjlyman

The change in ideologies is something that I hadn’t of thought about before. The world became more about business and the businessmen used whatever methods they could to make more money. This is what leads to child labor, they use it because it was cheap and allowed for more production at lower cost. Fortunately, over time regulations were added to protect people from these businesses taking advantage of people.